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I-data fonts

Craig SS

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Hi Craig,


My tests show that I-Data Text label size is being reduced if I change from, say, 0.2 to 0.05 by a factor of 4, which should be correct. And they become downright microscopic at 0.005.


In the 2D Log Design window, I-Data Text Options, be sure you are clicking on the Interval Labeling tab to adjust the label size, using the large Font button at the top of that pane. (The Font button in the other tab, Column Layout, defines the text size for the column title. Reducing this setting will not affect the labels.)


Note that your section is 2,400 feet long but only 100 feet deep, which often benefits from adding some vertical exaggeration for readability. However since you are embedding the section location map in the section diagram itself, you can't do that without stretching the map, too.  One option is to create the section location map as a separate window.


If you continue to have problems with this, it would be helpful to have your project data and settings. Use the Borehole Manager File | Archive -> Text option and send the resulting zip file to support at rockware.com.


Molly Mayfield
RockWare Support

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