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BH Cross Section, select elevation depth

Craig SS

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Hi Craig,


I moved this to the RockWorks forum, to make it easier to find.


If you are asking about adding space below the lowest borehole in a 2D cross section diagram, you can do this by manually defining the desired elevation range for the diagram annotation. In RW17 this is under Perimeter Annotation Options | Elevation Range. In RW20 this is under Annotation | Elevation Range.


If I misunderstood please reply with more details or a graphic example.



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Hi Again Molly


Section 15 adjusts well with manual elevations. Attached

Another issue if reducing fonts of depths, itext #1 and #2 to better fit between sample lined intervals. I have modified the font to .00005 with no change. Does RW20 limit the font reduction? Would like to improve clarity.


Thank you

Section 15.Rw2D

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