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Hi guys, 


Just wondering if there is a way to change the order of the edit-text entries within the log designer ? We typically export an excel template from logplot before each project and use this in the field however, when we do this the edit text entries typically fall into a random order (See below);


Ideally, we would like to export the edit-text entries to excel in an order something like;

Bore ID

Log type



Spatial reference.... etc


We would like to do this without having to manually change a data editor before each template export, is there a way to change the order within the log-designer itself ?




Thanks a million !


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Its not obvious but you can right click on the Edit-Text table and select "Edit Rows and Groups". You can then select an item and drag it within the current group. Save it as a data template so you don't have to do this for every new file.


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