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How to set the permeability modifier for extra cell


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Dear Sir or Madam


Hello, everyone. I'm a user of petrasim 


I used permeability modifier setting and extra grid setting simultaneously,  

The flow simulation showed no flow behavior. 


I realized the permeability modifier of the extra cell became 0 in the MESH File.

(I used the extra cell for injection)

I modified the  permeability modifier manually and ran the simulation from the command line.

It ran correctly.


But, I would run the simulation on the petrasim if I can.

Would it be possible to set the permeability modifier for the extra cells on the petrasim?


petrasim version 2020.1.0108 x64







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Thank you for submitting this.  I do believe that you are correct, and that we should be writing a value of 1 for the PERMX value for extra cells.  I have reported this to our programming team and will let you know when a new build is available with a fix for this problem.  In the meantime, I think your only work around is to modify the INP file before running the model.

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