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Generate a Map of Lithology separation

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I do have a question that if Rockworks have an option that can generate a contour map shows the percentage of the lithology in the area based on well logs. 

Also is there an option that I could export plot2d as a raster to put it into the Arcmap? 




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Hi Jiawei Li,


  • To make a contour map of percentage lithology at each XY location on the map, follow the RockWorks 2020 instructions below.
    • Create a Lithology model from the borehole data.
    • Open the Lithology Types table from the Lithology tab or the Project Manager | Project Tables.
      • Choose File | Export to Datasheet.
      • Close the Lithology Types table.
    • In the Borehole Operations section, choose Lithology | Lithology/Stratigraphy By XY.
      • Specify the Data Columns | G-Value as in the column labeled as G-Value.
      • Click on the Input tab and specify the name of the Lithology model (.RwMod).
      • Click on the Output Options tab and specify the RwDat (RockWorks) option.
      • Click the CONTINUE (Ctrl-G) button to display the data.
      • Save the data to a RwDat file.
      • Close the Lithology/Stratigraphy By XY menu.
    • Click the Datasheet tab.
      • Open the Lithology Percent RwDat file listed above.
    • Choose the ModOps Grid | Create | XYZ->Grid menu.
      • Specify the XY columns, and set the Z column to the G-value of the lithology you wish to map.
      • Specify the desired options on the 2D Grid Map tab.
      • Click the CONTINUE (Ctrl-G) button to create the contour map.
      • In RockPlot2D, choose File | Export | Raster to create an image for import to ArcMap. Shapefiles can also be exported.
      • Repeat for the other lithology G-Values.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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