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Unfilled block in Statigraphic Model

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Hi, I have developed the block model as per rockware tutorial and the striplogs etc resulted as expected. However when I process the statigraphic model, the model does not resulted as the usual model. The shapes does not fill in the outline box and there are some of the layers could not be seen unless it is set to explode view. Can someone advice me on why does my statigraphic block model does not fill in the box as in the Figure 1. The objective of my task was to develop the model as per Figure 2.


Thank you.




Figure 1


stratigraphy | The RockWare Blog

Figure 2

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Hi Amirul,


The missing Stratigraphy layers may not show if they are very thin, or if using a Modeling Sequence that allows layers to truncate overlying layers where they intersect. In addition, check that the order of the Stratigraphy units remains the same in all boreholes, and that missing units are inserted with a zero-thickness in the Stratigraphy table.


You are welcome to backup your project with the File | Backup Database menu and send the ZIP file to support@rockware.com and we will pursue your question further. Larger files may be uploaded to https://rockware.com/upload/



Tom B

RockWare Inc


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