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Where can I set the fugacity coefficient in Petrasim


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When I tried to run my model, I got the error message:


Time step =        0
Time (yr) = 0.000000E+00
There is a problem with fugacity coefficient

I use eos2 to simulate the CO2 injection.

I set a higher partial pressure 12 for CO2 at the left bottom coner.

All other cell is zero.

I can not run my model and I have no idea how to solve this porblem.

I can not upload the sim file because it is 69KB.

the max total szie only 30KB...



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I think that this error is probably related to the initial conditions you've specified.  I believe that the fugacity coefficient is calculated by TOUGHREACT based on Pressure and Temperature.  So, our first suggestion would be that you experiment with other CO2 partial pressures.  Perhaps you should try a very small value, rather than a value of 0 for the cells with low partial pressure?

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