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Ian Madin

Compare strip logs

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I am very new to rockworks and trying to input boreholes with stratigraphic units that I am developing as I go. I would really like to plot multiple strip logs adjacent to each other rather than in their actual geographic locations. Is this possible?

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Hi Ian,


Welcome to the forum!


In the Striplogs | 2D Striplog Section program, the Striplogs | Stratigraphy Picker, and the Stratigraphy | Section | Linear Correlations program, you can request that the logs be placed using equal spacing rather than based on location. (Log Spacing tab) The Stratigraphy Picker is a nifty program which lets you display logs with any types of data, and interactively click to pick the formation tops and bases. Here's a link to the help topic:



Let us know if you have any questions about this.



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