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Atmostpheric simulation parameters


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Atmospheric boundaries can be simulated by making the cells at the top of your model “fixed state” or by assigning them a very large volume factor.  You would then want to assign appropriate initial conditions that would represent the atmosphere, and would also want to create a special material to assign to those cells.

This can also be done using the “extra cell” tool in PetraSim.  You would again assign a very large volume to the extra cell representing the atmosphere and create very short connections to the top layer of cells in the model.


I would recommend that you take a look a that LBL TOUGH forum for some additional technical details about this.  If you do a search in that forum for “Assigning atmospheric boundary conditions”, you should be able to access a PDF with additional instructions provided by Stefan Finsterle of Finsterle GeoConsulting.  You can find information specifically discussing atmospheric boundaries starting around page 20.


If you are not able to find this, please send me an email and I will direct to you to this document (alison @ rockware . com).

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