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Vincent Verswijvel

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Hi all


I am having trouble with creating PDF's of high quality. I have already tried 2 different options, but I don't seem to get closer to a desired outcome. 

Basically I need to create a pdf of a projected alongside a location map. The first problem is that I need a different lay-out for my probings and my bores. I can get this far and append the probings and the bores to one projected section without much problem. What doesn't work out is that I need to create a location map seperate from the projected section as I want both probings and bores on my location map. 


Ideally, I want the location map in the same pdf as my projected section. What I have tried so far is the following:

  • Rockplot/2D export to PDF with different settings such as pixels per inch, size, dynamic vs Fixed Sizing. I always have to make a trade off between the high pixels per inch for high quality or low pixels per inch because thin lines like the surface are barely visible in an exported pdf when I put in high pixels per inch. 
  • Reportworks: I have not explored this thorough, but the quality of the first image I created was rather poor. I couldn't read the labels of bore and probings for example. 


Are there any guidelines for finding the right settings?


I also have one other sidequestion left:

Is it possible to show the distance on the line of the location map like it is shown on the projected section? 


Anyway, much appreciated if someone could look into this.


Kind regards



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