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[OLD] Seawater/oceanic crust reactions

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From: Laiq Rahman

Subject: seawater/oceanic crust reactions

Is anyone out there using GWB to model submarine hydrothermal systems? I am aware of the model described in the GWB Short Course Workbook (1992) but this model describes the mixing and cooling of a hydrothermal fluid with seawater. I am particularly interested to hear from anyone who has modelled a system which describes seawater descending into the oceanic crust to eventually give rise to a fluid composition resembling that of a black smoker hydrothermal fluid. I have been using GWB to model the relevant water/rock reactions in the system described above (for about a year now), but I am interested to hear about how others may have approached this problem. Web sites or published/unpublished work would also be of interest.

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