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Vincent Verswijvel

Interpolating data (RW17)

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Hi everyone


I am wondering if it is possible to assign a stratigraphy from my current stratigraphy model to a bore that has initially no stratigraphy.

I tried using stratigraphic rules (infer partial unit & insert missing units) but without the desired outcome. 

Is there another option I should try, or is this not possible at all?


Kind regards




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Hi Vincent,


  • Use the Borehole Manager File | Transfer | Stratigraphy to Utilities Datasheet menu to transfer Stratigraphy elevations to the Utilities Datasheet.
  • Add 0's to the missing Stratigraphy columns that you want to calculate.
  • Choose the Utilities Grid | Statistics | Residuals menu to calculate the values for the desired Stratigraphy.
  • Copy the Predicted values to the Stratigraphy unit column.
  • Choose the Utilities File | Transfer | Stratigraphy to Borehole Manager menu to copy the values back to the Borehole Manager database.

If the base of the overlying unit is equal to the top of the underlying unit, you can copy the elevation or depth value to that cell corresponding to the base of that unit.



Tom B

RockWare Inc.

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