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Different types of drillings in projected section

Vincent Verswijvel

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I was wondering if it is possible to allocate different types to drillings. E.g.: I have 3 types of drillings and I would like to give them Type I, Type II or Type III.

Next I would like to create a projected stratigraphy section, where only drillings of Type I are projected onto the section. This means that all the other types (II & III) are not allowed to be projected onto the section, even when they fall within the 'Swath'. 


Does anyone know if this is possible at all? 


Kind regards


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Hi Vincent,

I think that you can just turn off the well types that you do not want to show up on your section.  Remember that deviated wells do not plot properly in sections.  If you have deviated wells I would suggest plotting a profile.  In either case, try just turning off the wells that you do not want to project.

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Hi Edward


Thank you for your comment.

Deviated wells are not that much off a problem because the slopes of my stratigraphic layers are rather low. 

On another note, I have over 2700 wells in an area of approximately 20 squared km, the image is quite dense. 

I could turn of all of the wells I don't want, but that would be very timeconsuming and also proper recording from my part. 

Alas, there seems no easier way. 

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