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Constraining stratigraphy model by surface RW17

Vincent Verswijvel

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I'm having trouble to constrain my stratigraphy model (section) to a surface grid. 

More specifically, the top stratigraphic layer is limited to the surface grid, so that's fine. However, the surface also cuts the layer below the top stratigraphic layer in reality; but this is not showed in the model.


The blue dashed line represents the surface. How do I constrain the green layer to this surface? 

I read somewhere in the RW17 guide that the constraining surface is only applied to the top stratigraphic layer, but this sure can't be how it's supposed to work, or am I misstaken? 


On a completely different note, how do I get rid of the vertical lines in the middle of the image? 

Thanks in advance.


Kind regards


Vincent Verswijvel 


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Hi Tom


Thank you for the quick response. The latter question is already resolved. However, I am struggling to resize my ground surface grid to the project dimensions. The ground surface grid is smaller than my project dimensions. I found the Grid | Math | Resample tool to adjust the ground surface grid to my current project dimensions. I'd like to put the nodes outside of the ground surface equal to zero, but when I use this tool, it also adjusts nodes within the ground surface grid (i.e. by sector based or filter based). 


How do I avoid adjusting my original nodes in the ground surface grid?


With kind regards



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