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How to specify the depth interval to plot in the striplog


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I tried to plot the logs for one single well using striplog, but the deeper depth can not show on the plot, it only shows the shallower depth.

I cannot find the option to adjust the depth interval to display.  Any suggestions?

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Hi Wenli,


Thanks for your posting.


1. Be sure you do not have the "Clip" option checked in the 2D Striplog options window.

2. Be sure that the TD for the borehole (Location table) is not shallower than the extents of the actual data.  If you have multiple holes for which this is an issue, there is an "Adjust Total Depths" option in the Borehole Manager's Edit menu which can automatically push TD's to the depth extents of the data in bulk. See this help link for a discussion.


If these do not solve the log clipping problem, it would be helpful to see the data and program settings. Contact support at rockware.com for sending these to us.


Best regards,
Molly Mayfield

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Hi Molly,

I am working with Wenli on the same database. I checked 1) and 2). Looks all fine.

It is weird, because the logs are plotted for other wells, only one is showing the data in one spot, see well 3. in the image:


As Wenli states, the issue only shows when checking 'use true vertical depth'


I also recalculated the xyz values for that log in question again.

Any other hint what to check?

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Hi JuDi,


I would next check how the downhole survey data are entered into the Orientation table for Well #3.  Be sure it is using the same inclination format as the other wells.

RockWorks accepts three different well survey formats, but all holes need to use the same format. See this help topic for information: https://help.rockware.com/rockworks17/WebHelp/data_bh_orientation.htm


Also, if you are using the Striplogs | 2D | Single Log program to plot the logs individually, there are a number of settings which will affect how a deviated well will plot:

1) View Direction: Represents the direction toward which the log should be viewed. If your hole deviates toward the north, for example, and you enter 0 for the view direction, you will get a head-on view of the log, rather than a sideways view with View Direction = 90.

2) Plot Vertical: Will force an inclined or deviated well to display as vertical in the log diagram.

3) Use True Vertical Depth: Will scale the log vertically using TVD rather than measured depth.

4) Unwind: Will plot a deviated well unwound toward the right.

See this help topic for more information: https://help.rockware.com/rockworks17/WebHelp/striplog_single.htm


If you are displaying the logs in cross section with other logs, the display will depend on the type of diagram you are generating. Profiles always display logs projected onto the slice plane with survey orientation honored. Sections always display logs as vertical (with TVD as an option) at panel edges. Projected Sections project logs vertically onto the slice planes.


Contact us by email if you are able to send us your data for review.


Best regards,


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