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How to determine the Air Mass Fraction in the Initial Condition?


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Recently, I would like to model the Mixed gases injection process.

I have used a Extra Cell as a injection source.

However, I do not know how to determine the Air Mass Fraction.

Actually, I want to inject a hot mixed gases into a aquifer, and I have known the temperature, but I do not know the partial pressure.

Only I known is that the concentration of gas in final water, CO2 is 17mmol/kg.

So, How can I set the initial condition at the Extra Cell?

When I set the Air Mass Fraction is 0.5 or 0.55, it will stop.

001.JPG.942251e0aea5d0cc1085be23e800eaa9.JPG      002.JPG.d389870e1c5810e5a49c67077de0a3e9.JPG

The model can run if I set the Air Mass Fraction is 0.6, but it can not reach the final time I set.




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