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Borehole Location and Data in Section Map

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I have a couple of related quests in regards to plotting borehole locations and data in a Section Map. I have created a Section Map using the Utilities Tap in RW17. For borehole locations and data to plot on the Section Map, does that data have to be in a Utilities section Data Sheet. I have borehole data in the Borehole manager. How do I get the boreholes to plot in the Section Map? Thanks for your help.



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Hi Dicranurs,


To plot a borehole location map in the Borehole Manager tab, choose the Map | Borehole Locations menu.


To transfer borehole data to the utilities data sheet, click on the Borehole Manager tab and choose the File | Transfer | Locations -> Utilities Datasheet menu.



Tom B

RockWare Inc

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