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I have downloaded the Rockware Land Base and attempted to load the Township and Range data for my project. The project is located in SW Mississippi and the project is using the the NAD27 Datum and Western Mississippi State Plane Projection. Once loaded the the Township and Ranges plot many miles east of my well data. Im pretty sure I used the correct Prime Meridian and Townships. Is the Rockware Land Base data in a different Datum and Projection? If so can I change it to match my project? Thanks for your help.



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RockWorks 17 State Plane is assuming NAD83 not NAD27.  You can change your State Plane  basis.  Under Settings | Coordinates you can Reassign your coordinates: choose the Other coordinates (make sure the radio button is on for Other), then click on the "Set Parameters" drop-down button, and choose "Select from a list".  In the search box type "Missi" and you will get a list of the EPSG codes for Mississippi, pick the one that suit you best (Looks like <26795> NAD27 / Mississippi West). Click OK after choosing and then Finish.  Now RockWorks will be set for the correct projection and your PLSS Township and Range should plot where you expect them.  -Jim

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