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Importing excel

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Hello all,


I had created a design template and corresponding data template initially which worked well while exporting and importing. However, I had to make some revisions to the design template that lead to changes in data too. So I exported the new data template in excel format. However, this excel sheet does not get imported, though i am still able to import the initial excel sheet. I tried creating the new data template directly from the design window as well as on my own. The excel sheet exported from either of them cannot be imported. Please tell me how to solve this issue.




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Hi Archana,

I cannot duplicate the problem with our files. You are welcome to send your files and a description of the procedure that you perform to support@rockware.com, and I will follow your description to reproduce the problem. Include the LDFX, DAT, and Excel files.


Tom B
RockWare Inc
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