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Programming suggestion for striplogs

David Young

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I suggest that in the processing of orientation data, if there is no value at 0 depth, but there IS survey data starting deeper, that the default be to assign the next present azi and inclination to the interval starting at 0 depth.  However, if there is NO orientation data at all, then keep the default case to be the assumption that the hole is vertical, as is now done.


As often as not, when I am given orientation data, for drill holes in which there are data, the orientation was not entered for the 0 depth.  It must be that Minesight and other commonly used programs do what I am suggesting.  I typically only spot this after I start making sections and see the dogleg drillhole traces.



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Hi David,


Copying orientation data to the zero depth is useful for your data, but this procedure may introduce errors for other sources of orientation data.


I will add your request for this option to the suggestion file.



Tom B

RockWare Inc

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