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I am creating 2D cross sections from lithology models using RockWorks.  Is it possible to set the bottom of the boreholes as the bottom of the cross section?  For now it is using the bottom of the deepest borehole as the bottom of the section, which makes sense.  I see that I can set the bottom to a certain elevation, but is there a way to have it vary across the section?

Thank you for your help!


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Hi Kahn,


When you create your lithology model there are two filters in the Additional Options section of the modeling window which can be used to constrain the model to the elevation extents of the boreholes: Superface (which will null out nodes above the surface) and Subface (which will null out nodes below the surface). You can select a specific grid model to use for each of these filters, or choose "Automatic". Using Automatic settings, the Superface grid will be generated automatically by RockWorks based on the elevations at the borehole tops and the Subface grid based on borehole bases.


Please refer to the small graphics in the Additional Options window for an example of how these filters work. Also, here is a help topic:


Best regards,
Molly Mayfield
RockWare Inc.

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Thank you so much Molly! It worked easily. I appreciate your quick response.


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