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Jan Peeters

Horizontal scaling of 2D StripLog section

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Hello everyone, 


I'm kind of a novice RockWorks user, working with a coring database of c. 250 shallow (<10 m) cores. When I try to create a 'true-distance' striplog of c. 40 cores over a length of c. 6 km, I found all my cores plotted overlapping each other as illustrated in the example image. I'm sure I'm overlooking a certain setting to set the horizontal x-axis scale. When I draw only a part of the section, e.g. with a length of 1 km, all cores plot just fine.


It is perhaps good to mention that I'm currently working on a 13" laptop - not ideal, but is it possible that this issue is caused by my screen-size? Hopefully one you guys or girls can help me out with this. All help and suggestions are much appreciated!


Best regards, 


Rockplot - untitled.pdf2019-08-08_10-25-33-905.png

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Hi Jan,


To prevent the logs from overlapping, decrease the width of the columns in the 2D Striplog Designer Column Layout for each item or change the Borehole Spacing to Uniform (Constant) Distance.



Tom B



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