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Petrel grid and properties export to TOUGH2/Petrasim

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I'm actually working on a 3D model at the basin scale in Petrel (2018.2).

I wanted to know if their is any way to export the model on PetraSim or tough2. 
I tried the "Load data from Petrel" option in PetraSim, but it seems it doesn't load anything with the Eclipse ASCII format. 


Here are the bug reports: 

|File Name                                                                             |Message                                      |Value Type   |
|C:\Users\test grid petrel\test ECLIPSE extended grid.egrid   |Unable to generate mesh data.                |UNKNOWN      |
|C:\Users\test grid petrel\test ECLIPSE extended grid.egrid   |Unable to save Petrel data. No mesh found.   |UNKNOWN      |

I tested this import with different inputs, but i allways end up with this message, even when I try to only import the mesh without numerical values.


Thank you.


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The GRDECL import should work with simple mesh configurations.  Here are a few suggestions:


1.  Cell Layers should be continuous.  If cell layers truncate against upper or lower boundaries or internal surfaces, the import will likely not work.

2.  You need to be sure that the cell boundaries are rectangular and oriented along the x and y axes.  If the cells are oriented at an angle to the axes, the import will not work.

3.  The program only imports mesh geometry and porosity values.  Other material parameters will be ignored.


If you continue to have problems, please send your GRDECL file to alison @ rockware.com, and I will take a look at it.


Best Regards,

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