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Create 3D grid - topography

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Hello ,


Sorry for my English ..

How can we create a level like a roof of a sub-layer or a water level .. just a line in my section. Connect different depths between them. DATA allows to assign a text or values to each depth but I just want to connect these depths between her. I don't know if I've been clear…


Is it normal that generating a 3D grid (topography) takes several hours ... It's endless. My topography's datasheet contains162000 rows…. my computer crashes all the time… What option should I choose?



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Hi Laure,


To display a line on a cross-section representing a surface, create a grid .RwGrd file of the surface from 3 or more points, or from Stratigraphy or Aquifers in the Borehole Manager. Specify the name of the grid file in the Section menu Plot Surface Profile option.


Generating a grid file can take a long time if there are a lot of nodes in the grid. If you run out of memory, your computer can crash. You are welcome to send to [email protected] a backup ZIP file of the project generated with the Borehole Manager File | Backup Database command. Include your RwDat or other file used to calculate the topography and the full text of any error messages displayed when the computer crashes. Larger files may be uploaded to https://rockware.com/upload



Tom B
RockWare Inc


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