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Lionel D

"Point Sample" tool for rockworks

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Hi everyone,

On RW17, I've created my database and generated a 3D model for stratigraphy and lithology.

A that stage, I'm looking for a tool that would allow me to extract the lithology or the stratigraphy at some locations that I would have had chosen (for instance, I will drill some piles in the area and I would like to assess what lithology/stratigraphy would be at those locations).

If you're used to work with Surfer, I'm looking for a tool that would be similar to "Point Sample", but would add some columns in the database for every levels of litho/strati layers.

Does that tool exist already?

Thank you for your help !

Best Regards.


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Hi Lionel,


There are several tools in RockWorks 17 that you can use to extract data from your models.

  • Create new boreholes where you propose to drill piles and choose the Stratigraphy | Section or Lithology | Section menus to draw cross-sections to visualize the data from your models.
  • Use the Utilities Grid | Grids -> Stratigraphic Logs menu to extract Stratigraphy data to the new boreholes. Turn off the existing boreholes so they are not changed.
  • Use the Utilities Grid | Statistics | Residuals menu to extract the elevation from a Stratigraphy grid at the specified XY locations.
  • Use the Borehole Manager Striplogs | Pick Lithologic Intervals menu to pick Lithology units on a cross-section and add them to the borehole Lithology table.
  • Use the Utilities Solid | Statistics | Residuals menu to extract the Lithology G-values at the specified XYZG locations.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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