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Hello sir
I am a user of your software to allow me to work on a project.
my job is to correlate training to determine the different types of formations on the coastal area of abidjan.
I am having problems on some points and I wanted to know if you can help me because of this work will depend my hiring in the company. Thank you for really helping me.
1- For geolocation, I am blocked on the WGS 84 which does not appear in the various UTM systems in the software. it will allow me to find the study area and the projection to better see the lithology and the stratigraphy.
2- may I have videos to better control your software because it plagues me and allows me to know how to control its handling and processing information.
Thank you for this software and God bless you.


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Hi Anselme,


Unfortunately, your version of RockWorks 16 appears to be an invalid license. Send me your RockWorks 16 registration number from the Help | About menu to get a valid license.


You are welcome to download the trial version for RockWorks 17 and use it for 2 weeks.


  • RockWorks 17 includes the WGS-84 datum for UTM projections.
  • Click on the following link for videos for RockWorks 17.



Tom Bresnahan

RockWare Inc

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