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Temperature In the borehole

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Dear Tom.

My questions is following my previous one (see below)

I managed to project the surface temperarure (X,Y,Z, T) data from some boreholes on the DEM using the solid model, after your advice.

Now I have temperature measurements at the bottom of the these boreholes (X,Y,Z2, T2).

How could I make a model using the DEM and both temperatures (on top and at the bottom)?

I want to study the variations in depth and laterally.

Thank you in advance




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Hi Nikos,


Enter your borehole locations, elevations, and total depths in the Borehole Manager Locations table, and enter the depths and temperatures in the P-Data or I-Data table. P-Data is "Point Data" with one depth per temperature value, and I-Data is "Interval Data" with a top and bottom depth for each temperature value.


Create a solid model from the P-Data or I-Data | Model menu and specify the DTM grid as the upper truncation surface or Superface.



Tom B

RockWare Inc

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