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CO2TAB file in ECO2N

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Hello to everyone !


I would like to model CO2 injection into high temperature and high pressure EGS reservoir. I know that by default, ECO2N has limitations on maximum allowed temperature throught simulation (103.04 deg. C). This is fixed in CO2TAB file. However, from what I've read this can be changed. Therefore, I would like to extend temperature range to approx. 200 deg. C. My questions are following:


1) How exactly does the structure of this file look like? I mean the full syntax. Knowing this, I think I would be able to create my own file.

2) What is the reference state (or which convention is used) for specific enthalpy calculation ? I can obtain very accurate results for the density and dynamic viscosity (using CoolProp), but I cannot reproduce values for specific enthalpy.

3) Even when I create my own CO2TAB file (with 2 values for temperature and pressure), Petrasim is creating it's own CO2TAB file (default range, 127x51 values for P and T, respectively) after starup of simulation. Do I need to use "clean" TOUGH2 to include "new" co2tab file?

4) Can anyone provide me co2tab3.f and rco2h files (+instruction for compiling) to create my own range for co2tab file ? Alternatively, can anyone create CO2TAB file with temperature up to 200 deg. C (pressure as default - 600 bar) and send it to my e-mail (miecznik@min-pan.krakow.pl)?


Best regards,


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ECO2N V.1.0 (Pruess, 2005, ECO2N: A TOUGH2 Fluid Property Module for Mixtures of Water, NaCl, and CO2) was developed primarily to simulate the geologic CO2 disposal in sedimentary environments at temperatures below 110°C.

The EOS uses a slightly modified version of the phase equilibria developed by Spycher and Pruess (2005) for  H2O-NaCl-CO2 mixtures. The approach followed for the phase equilibria, which gives the mutual solubilities of CO2 in the aqueous phase and of H2O in the CO2-rich non-aqueous phase, cannot be used at higher temperatures.

Thus, simply extending the temperature range of CO2TAB file is not enough to perform reliable simulations of CO2 injection in EGS.


ECO2N V.2 (Pan et al., 2015, ECO2N V2.0: A TOUGH2 Fluid Property Module for Mixtures of Water, NaCl, and CO2) has been developed for these applications.


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