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3D resistivity Model


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To Rockware Support team,

I am  looking at using it to produce 3D resistivity model(s). I exported the XYZG file (attached) form the RES3DINV. When i try to produce the 3D block model on rockware, i constantly get the error with the following message: 

Units Must be Specified for XY column: X(2) and Y(3). I been toiling with this for days now and would like to send-off for advice. 


3D block.txt

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Right click on a column title (item #1) and a dialog box will appear (item #2).  Select "X or Y Coordinate" (item #3) for the X column and then choose the coordinate system (item #4) that you're using for the resistivity points.  Do the same for the Y column.  For the Z coordinates, select the "Linear (Z) Dimensions" option (item #5) and the menu will change to show the linear units (e.g. Feet, Meters).  Select the appropriate z-units.  Now, the datasheet columns should show the units and you're ready to go.


These coordinate designations will allow you to have data tables that are not in the same units as your project dimensions (item #6).  For example, let's say that you've set your Project Dimensions up in UTM meters but your resistivity data is in State Plane footage coordinates.  The program will automatically convert your resistivity coordinates to project coordinates (item #6).  This is a big deal for clients who have different data sets in different units.  It becomes especially useful when exporting to Google Earth, in which the program will automatically convert everything to longitude/latitude/meters (the only units that Google Earth imports via KMZ files).


There's a video button (item #7) that will display a popup menu with four video links.  Select the one labeled "Changing Datasheet Names & Column Types".  This will launch a 2-minute video that describes all of this in more detail.


You can also press the F1 key from within the datasheet editor and navigate to the datasheet documentation for non-video, textual instructions: file:///C:/ProgramData/RockWare/RockWorks17/WebHelp/introduction.htm


Also, if you click on the Help button within the Column Parameters dialog you'll see that there are other things that you can do with the column types (e.g. density conversions, hyperlinks, etc.)


Good luck and best regards,


Jim Reed.




Setting Column Units.png

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