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Importing 2D geophysical ERT data into RockWorks

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I have  2D geophysical ERT data and I would like to import and visualize it in RockWorks. I have x, z, resistivity, and conductivity in a txt file. I have the starting and ending coordinates of the lines (x and y). Am I able to import this data into RockWorks and visualize it? And if this is possible, can I also make a 3D model from all the lines? Thank you in advance.

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Good afternoon,


You would be able to insert the data into RockWorks and then create a 3D model from it, but you would have to do a little ground work before doing that. You will need to get the x, y coordinates for all of your data points in between your starting and ending points of your lines, and then from there you could import the data into the Utilities Datasheet and create your model. One tool that may help in getting all of your x, y coordinates in between your starting and ending points would be under Utilities -> Survey -> Interpolate Points along Line. This tool is built under the assumption that the data points are all equally spaced apart, so if they are not you would have to calculate your x,y coordinates another way. Please let us know if this works or if you have any other questions.

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