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Edit Lithology in Sections

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Hi there, 


I have created several cross-sections and annotated the sections too.  Now I have made changes to the lithology and would like to apply those changes to these cross-sections.  I have saved these 2D files, but when I reopen them, they display the old lithology colors and patterns.  Is there anyway I can 're-process' or batch edit the lithologies, without having to recreate the sections and re-annotate? 


Thanks for your tips, 

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There is not a direct link between the RW2D files and the borehole data or models, so you will have to recreate the sections if your lithology data has changed.


Regarding the annotations, if they are stored in a separate layer in your original RW2D files, you could select the layer and copy and paste the annotations over to the newly created cross-sections.  You could also delete all of the layers other than the annotations in the old sections and append the annotations to the new sections through the File|Append menu.


Please let us know if you have additional questions.


Best Regards,

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