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LogPlot8 - issue with showing surface well completion


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Hi, I'm new to the program and hoping I'm missing an easy setting. Hard to explain so I'm attaching two images.

If I set my Start Depth at the correct lith depth (-0.3 pavement) and I have my well casing starting at -1.9, the part above -0.3 is not showing on well.

If I set my Start Depth at -1.9, the Well top shows but it extends the data columns up to the -1.9.  Please see the two attached images for visual explanation.

I'm looking for help on showing the entire well surface completion without extending up the data columns. Thank you!!Logplot1.thumb.JPG.6c6139bb7cf44acc99f46587bb08759c.JPGLogplot2.JPG.c7c5196a9430f9997328b17e6c79260a.JPG

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