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No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target

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A user in the Czech Republic recently contacted us after installing RockWorks17 on a new computer. On startup RockWorks displayed this error message:


No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target...


and the program generated a bug report:


exception class    : EFDException
exception message  : [FireDAC][Comp][Clnt]-340. Driver ID is not defined. Set TFDConnection.DriverName or add DriverID to your connection definition.


As it turned out, the connection parameters were correctly defined in the project's "menus.ini" file. But the default database file path in the same section contained a strange character. His user name in Windows contained the "š" character which had somehow been incorrectly stored in the INI file, making the file path unreadable. Since his computer was correctly set up to use Czech as the system language, the fix was simply to close RockWorks, rename the \Samples\System\menus.ini file, and restart RockWorks. The settings file was rebuilt, the correct character was stored this time, and the program started successfully.


Another note: RockWorks17 and LogPlot8 support Unicode. If you are using LogPlot7 (not Unicode compliant) and have problems entering/displaying certain characters. be sure you have  defined your language (such as Czech or Slovenian) as the Language for Non-Unicode Programs in Windows Control Panel | Time and Language | Region and Language | Administrative Language Settings.


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