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Jack S

Volume Report by I-Data Value

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I have a series of values, derived from testing data in 5 foot intervals.  The values represent a marketable percentage of the total deposit.  My goal is to calculate the volume associated with each unique percentage value.  I created an I-Data model of the data, but I can't figure out how generate a report of the volumes by I-Data value.  It appears I can only do so by specifying a range, but there are over 600 unique values so I can't manually run a report for each interval.  Is there a way to get this data in a report format that is exportable to Excel or is there an alternate modeling method I can use? 


Thank you,   

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Hi Jack,


If you have the Advanced license level, you can automate the generation of volume reports for each of your 600 values in the Utilities Volumetrics | Block Model Grade Statistics By Level menu.


All license levels also include the interactive volume method when you display the model using Voxels (instead of the Isosurface). Double-click on the model in the object manager to the left of the graphic to display the Options dialog box, add a check mark to the Filter option, and set the Low and High values. With the Show Volume option enabled, the volume is displayed for each setting. Many of the model algorithms calculate gradational values between actual data values, so you may need to specify a range for the Low and High values.





Tom B

RockWare Inc

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