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[OLD] GWB in emulation

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From: Tom Meuzelaar

Subject: GWB in emulation

Although RockWare does not support GWB being run on the Mac platform, we have heard that some users are successfully running GWB in PC emulation mode on a Mac. Please help us in collecting information regarding this, by confirming whether or not this is true. Specifically, we are interested in know which emulators work and which do not, as well as which versions of the Mac OS are being used.

From: Matthew Leybourne

Subject: Re: GWB in emulation

I run GWB in emulation. I have a G4 powermac (450 Mhz processor, with 1 GB ram) and am running Mac OS X (version 10.1.1) and virtual PC (VPC, Connectix Corp; version 4, with the OS X enabler). I am using the server version of GWB (3.0) with a fexlm license. The license sits on a remote server and on launch, the software queries the server to make sure no one else is using the program. VPC is set to share the mac's IP address, and it works very well. Speed is ok, not stellar but fast enough that I feel no compulsion at all to go and find a pc. I save graphical output as EPSF files and these open in Adobe Illustrator on the mac side for manipulation and prettying up. If you need any more info or help, let me know. GWB works in emulation although I would love to see (and would pay for) a mac version. Given that GWB started as a unix program, perhaps it could readily be ported/recompiled for Mac OS X, which is basically unix with the mac interface.

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