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Where to Download Keyword and Pattern Files


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Hi Bryce,


Thanks for your posting and sorry for the delay in replying.


We just posted a zip file with USCS keyword ("USCS_soils.lpkey") and pattern ("USCS_soils.RwPat") libraries to our website, on the Support | LogPlot | Downloads | Data page. Also included in the ZIP file are a sample PDF file showing the terms, patterns, and colors, and the LogPlot8 data and design files we used to generate that preview.


Use the Download button on that page to save a ZIP file to your computer. Once saved there, extract the keyword and pattern files to your C:\ProgramData\RockWare\LogPlot8 folder. Use the Options | System Files window in the LogPlot8 program to browse for these files to be used as the default libraries. Or use the Append tool (Keyword editor) or Import Selected Patterns tool (Pattern editor) to combine the USCS files to your existing libraries.


If you want to, you can extract the remaining files to Documents\LogPlot8 Data\Samples or to another folder of your choice. 


We will be posting additional libraries on that same Data Downloads page shortly, but we wanted to get this reply posted asap.


Let us know if you have any questions.


RockWare Inc

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