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New versions of RockWorks17 (64- and 32-bit) were uploaded to the RockWare website today, with the following changes:



+ The bulk import for LAS files into the Borehole Manager will now handle LAS version 3.0 files.  The bulk import  will now allow a filter for depths, NULL conversions and decimation of data.
+ LAS files (Version 3.0) can be imported into the Utilities datasheet.  The options have been expanded to allow NULL conversions and decimation of data. These two improvements will only import Log/Curve data.  Other sections allowed in the LAS version 3.0 specification are ignored for these imports.  They can be imported via the single file import in the Borehole Manager. 
+ Stratigraphy legends now use the background color for the pattern when "Background Colors" are turned off, so that they match unfilled section panels.
+ RockPlot2D is now using GDI+ for displaying transparent images and images with a transparent color.
+ Added an option to the Vertical Panels to Color Model and Vertical Panels to X/Y/Z/Color to sample by distance instead of pixels.
+ Improved the drawing quality and speed of raster images in 2D Strip Logs. These changes can be seen anywhere that 2D Strip Logs are plotted (e.g. Cross Sections, Profiles, Stratigraphy Picker, etc.).


Bug Fixes

+ Fixed an issue when running RCL files that displaying 2D graphics caused an Invalid Pointer error.
+ Fixed a problem in which the Borehole Manager Check Data Integrity menu option would display an OS Function error if the error list output to HTML was too big to be displayed in the RockWorks browser component.
+ The path for the Constraining Surface was being removed if the grid file was in a different folder than the project.
+ Fixed an Access Violation in the Projected Section EZ contouring (Striplog menu).


To download this build, use the Help | Check for Updates menu inside RockWorks17. Or visit our website and click on the RockWorks Free Trial tab:
where you can download the installation program and install the new build right over the top of the existing program. (DO NOT uninstall first.)
Note that you will not be able to use this new build of the program if your maintenance has expired before October 2018. Contact RockWare Sales or visit our Customer Portal (https://www.rockware.com/customer/index.php) if you would like to update your maintenance.
Molly M.
RockWare Inc

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