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RockWorks17 SQL Server - required permissions

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A customer recently emailed us saying that his IT group was getting their SQL Server set up and figuring out his access to the server through the firewall. He inquired: 


Can you tell me if RockWorks users need full admin rights on the computer it is installed on or just power user / Win10 equivalent?


Here is our short answer: No, users do not need Admin rights to run the RockWorks17 program.


Long answer: While Admin rights are not necessary to run the program, RockWorks - when connecting to a SQL Server - does require the ability to Create, Read, Update, and Delete records in the SQL server database. This level of permission is established through permissions on the SQL Server side, not in RockWorks.


Note that if you don't have permission to create new fields in the database, which is higher than the "CRUD" permissions above, that is generally ok except when we update the data dictionaries. This could cause problems when you install an update for RockWorks. But there is a work-around for this - you can activate a setting in the database connection window in RockWorks17 for the SQL Server to "Generate a SQL Script File without executing it" for these cases. Then just give the script file to the network Admin to run, and it then the necessary fields will be added to the SQL Server database.


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Support

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