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Tom J.

Access Violation

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Greetings - I seem to be getting an access violation message that is preventing me from creating a new project or working on my existing project.  The following is a screen capture of the error message.  I have a licensed advanced version of Rockworks installed on my dedicated university computer and this message was received from an evaluation copy of the software I installed yesterday on a different computer.  Removal and re-installation of the evaluation software on the other computer did not seem to solve the problem.  This is not a devastating event as this occurred with the evaluation copy of the software, but still curious how one might go about resolving it.



Tom J.




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Hi Tom J,


RockWare will often generate a bug report when it encounters an error condition. If you are prompted, click the Report Error / Restart button, save the bug report, and send it to us at [email protected].



Tom Bresnahan

RockWare Inc


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