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Unable to make fence diagram

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Hello everyone.

 I am a researcher from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh , India. I have some data on borehole with litholgy, With the help of this data I am trying to input in Rockwork but when i try to make strip log   or fence diagram I am facing a problem. As you Can see the Last Image of Strip log Is not appearing properly and its size is not actually as shown in tutorial videos.

Kindly help.




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It appears that you need to add vertical exaggeration to the striplog (and most likely any sections or fence diagrams you create).  To do this, adjust the Intended Vertical Exaggeration Factor to something larger than one (I would suggest 10 to start with), and then click the Process button to re-create the strip log.


If you continue to have problems, it would probably be best for you to send us your project, which includes the database and your current menu settings.  You can do this by Backing up the Database through the File menu, and sending us the zip file created during the backup process.  You can send this to tech @ rockware.com


Best Regards,

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