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Excel import window not displaying correctly

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This occurred on my machine today (screenshot attached), running W10 Home (64-bit) with the latest updates both to the OS and RW17. The window for importing Excel files, either as multiple tables or as single tables, is not showing the full array of tabs, menus, options, etc. The import windows for other formats are displaying correctly. I just re-installed the latest version of RW17 this morning thinking corrupt file(s) somewhere, but behavior still manifests. Any ideas? Also, probably not remotely related, but running a database integrity check told me my bitmap file name field was too long and was being shortened from some huge number (like 32,***) to the standard 80 character length.  


Thanks much,




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Hi Charlie,


Specify the Excel file name and the program will display the Excel sheets and columns and the corresponding RockWorks table names and fields.



Tom B

RockWare Inc

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