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RockWorks 16 - Lithology Units Crossing

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           Myselt Mr. P. Venkat and I am working on Rockworks 16 to create lithology sections and fence diagrams. When I am creating lithology sections for different geology (Lithology like weathered granite gneiss, semi weathered khondalite, clay and hard charnockite etc.,) I am facing a problem of crossing lithology with high thickness values(Semi weathered granite gneiss) over low thickness lithology(weathered khondalite) even it is not present at other location. Please give me your suggestions to solve my problem..


With Regards..

P. Venkat

Research Scholar

Dept of Geophysics

Andhra University

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Hi P Venkat,


It sounds like you are modeling lithology in the Stratigraphy table which produces 2D grid surfaces for each unit. In Stratigraphy, if a unit is absent in a borehole, the program has no data in that borehole to control the surface. To work around the problem, add a zero-thickness occurrence in that borehole to help RockWorks toe down that unit in that borehole.


Another option is to model the lithology in the Lithology table and menu to create a 3D solid model for the lithology units.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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