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RockWorks17 2018.3.29


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A new version of RockWorks17 (64- and 32-bit) was uploaded to the RockWare website today, with the following new features, enhancements, and bug fixes:


New Features
+ An option has been added to I-Data, T-Data and P-Data to save the points used for modeling (filtered, resampled and added) to an RwDat file. This can be used in conjunction with the new stand alone High Fidelity filter (see below) or the Residuals program.
+ A stand alone High Fidelity Filter has been added to the Utilities | Solid | Filter.
+ The Solid Modeling Superface and Subface Filters now have the option to use a user specified null value.
+ Points, lines, polylines and polygons digitized in RockPlot2D can now be exported to the project database as new boreholes. The user can specify either a fixed collar elevation or use a surface grid to find the elevations. The new boreholes are automatically named with a "PG" plus a number.
+ Points and Lines digitized in RockPlot3D can now be exported to the database as boreholes.
+ A new Solid model Polygon filter that uses polygons in RockPlot2D has been added. This allows filtering using multiple polygons.
+ Polygon Filtering during Modeling can now use multiple polygons from with a RockPlot2D file. 
+ The RockPlot2D files used for the Polygon Filter can now be in a different coordinate system than the Project's output.

+ The 2D Striplog Fracture and Vector columns can now plot the tadpoles with the color in the table.
+ The Stratigraphy and Lithology Pickers now allow negative depths.
+ The Grids -> Strat program now makes sure that the paired grids share the same dimensions.


Bug Fixes
+ Quickmap now shows the selected borehole when the input and output units don't match.
+ Quickmap now shows the border when the input and output units don't match.
+ Dimensions -> Google Earth will display in the correct place when the project is in feet
+ The Stratigraphy Picker now shows the entire cross section when units have depths below TD and/or above KB.
+ The Stratigraphy Picker wasn't drawing units with depths below 999 units.
+ A user may delete a field in a SQLite RW17 database.  SQLite does not allow multiple transaction levels.
+ Only 3D Fault options will be displayed for Stratigraphic Fence diagrams.
+ Fixed a problem with the Catmull-Rom spline calculation for 3D Curve Ribbon that cause some lines to appear bumpy.
+ The Stratigraphic 3D Isopach program wasn't producing any output.
+ The RockPlot3D Surface filter sliders now update the minimum/maximum values correctly.
+ The Plot Faults option for Stratigraphic Models was sometimes being ignored.
+ World Outline transparency settings are now stored and loaded correctly.


To download this build, use the Help | Check for Updates menu inside RockWorks17. Or visit our website and click on the RockWorks Free Trial tab:
where you can download the installation program and install the new build right over the top of the existing program. (Do NOT uninstall first.)
Note that you will not be able to use this new build of the program if your maintenance has expired prior to March 31, 2018. Contact RockWare Sales or visit our Customer Portal (https://www.rockware.com/customer/index.php) if you would like to update your maintenance.
Molly Mayfield
RockWare Inc

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A few more I forgot!



+ The "Unique Well Identifier" optional field is now actually optional, although some imports require it and will create it automatically.
+ When PLSS coordinates are converted to Easting/Northing, the progress dialog was being left open; no more.


Bug fix:
+ The Text/Excel import was incorrectly mapping the Location table's fields when using a template.

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