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Isabella Figueira

Lineation Gridding

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I need to make a lineation map and I can't do it.
I generate the lineation map, but when I try to generate a gridding lineation, the process is 82% and not concluded.
I imported the DXF file with the x1, y1 and x2, y2, then I created the table with lineation properties, but I can't generate the contour map of frequency and length.

Could you help me, please?

lineation properties.rar

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Hi Isabella,


I was able to create a lineation grid and map in RockWorks 17 but I suspect your problem has to do with your output settings. You have end points in degrees,  your midpoints in local coordinates (from 0,0 degrees)  and I have no idea what you Project or Output settings are. I'd suggest converting your coordinates to your project coordinate system and scanning to make sure that your lines fall withing the output coordinates. Use Coords/Coordinate Converter (Multiple Points) and then use Scan Datasheet.



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