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LogPlot 8 2017.10.30

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New versions of LogPlot8 (32-bit and 64-bit) were uploaded to the RockWare website with the changes listed below.  For a complete list of the recent changes, please visit: https://www.rockware.com/rockworks/revisions/current_logplot_revisions.htm
To download this build, use the Help | Check for Updates menu inside LogPlot8. Or visit the LogPlot demo tab (
https://www.rockware.com/product/logplot/#tab-product_inquire_form_1494_tab) where you can download the installation program and install the new build right over the top of the existing program.

Note that you will not be able to use this new build of the program if your maintenance has expired. Contact RockWare Sales or visit our new Customer Portal (https://www.rockware.com/customer) and either create a new account (new visitors) or log in with your existing account if you would like to update your maintenance.

  • (171) Bug Fix (11/17/17/MIW): Columns within LogView are now clipped correctly when Custom Page Breaks are enabled.
  • (170) Bug Fix (11/17/17/JCJ): Excel and Text imports no import correctly when there are no column titles. In the previous version, the assumption was that the first row contained the titles.
  • (169) Bug Fix (11/17/17/JCJ): The Data Editor | File | Save to RockWorks DB option now works correctly.
  • (168) Improvement (11/17/17/MIW): Curves that are filled based on a Color Table now use the Solid Color if the specified balue is not in the table.
  • (167) Bug Fix (11/17/17/MIW): Compiled Curves and Histograms are now saved correctly when Automatic Scaling is used.
  • (166) Bug Fix (11/16/17/MIW): LogPlot7 linefeed characters (/*) are now correctly translated by LogPlot8.
  • (165) Bug Fix (11/16/17/JCJ): When imported field values for either the Well Information Block or the Parameter Information Block were blank and already existed in the LogPlot file, they were added a second time to the Edit-Text "Well Information". If they had values they were updated correctly.
  • (163) Bug Fix (11/16/17/MIW): Importing LogPlot7 Multi-Histogram data into LogPlot8 no longer splits columns when a "<" character is encountered so that the data is now stored within the correct column.
  • (151) Bug Fix (11/27/17/MIW): The Log Designer Undo now correctly replaces deleted items within the correct panel even if another panel has been selected.


Enhancements and New Features:

  • (164) New Feature (11/16/17/JCJ): A new Import has been added for transferring RockWorks Min/Max color tables to a LogPlot color table
  • (162) Enhancement (11/16/17/MIW): The Data Editor now checks to see if a file is already open before loading a file.
  • (161) Enhancement (11/16/17/MIW): The program now checks for duplicate data files and borehole logs.
  • (160) Enhancement (11/13/17/MIW): The Lithology Patterns Border option is no longer ignored. If the Border is disabled, the contact line will still be plotted if the Contact field is not empty.
  • (159) Enhancement (11/10/17/MIW): Curve fills can now be done with a color table with either horizontal or vertical directions.
  • (158) Enhancement (11/10/17/MIW): Curve Scale Tables can now be selected by name so that they can be shared.
  • (157) Enhancement (11/10/17/MIW): Bar Graph Color Tables can now be selected by name so that they can be shared.
  • (156) Enhancement (11/10/17/MIW): Bug Fixes: See Mantis items: 7178, 7175, 7176, 7174
  • (155) Enhancementt (11/10/17/MIW): Header Legends imported from LogPlot 7 were being drawn with some overlap if they had very little vertical space between the titles.
  • (154) Enhancement (11/10/17/MIW): Vertical Text items without text or arrows and a white fill are no longer drawn opaque to match output from LogPlot 7.
  • (153) Enhancement (11/10/17/MIW): In Crossplot Curves the number of decimals specified for the Minimum and Maximum values was incorrectly limited to 2 places.
  • (152) Enhancement (11/10/17/MIW): In Static Notes the line feed characters (/*) in LogPlot 7 were not being translated into line feed characters (<BR>) in LogPlot 8.
  • (150) New Feature (10/25/17/JCJ): It is now possible to sort on a column within the datasheet. Choose Row | Sort from the menu. The dialog will default to the "Ascending" option for whatever column is currently highlighted.



Tom Bresnahan

RockWare Inc

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