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A new version of RockWorks 17 was uploaded to the RockWare website with the changes listed below. For a complete list of the recent changes, please visit: https://www.rockware.com/rockworks/revisions/current_revisions.htm
To download this build, use the Help | Check for Updates menu inside RockWorks 17. Or visit the demo download page:


Note that you will not be able to use this new build of the program if your maintenance has expired. Contact RockWare Sales or visit the new Customer Portal (https://www.rockware.com/customer/index.php) if you would like to update your maintenance.



  • (11/29/17/MIW): The Show RCL settings for the Grid Gonstant Math now show the correct variables.(040)
  • (11/20/17/MIW): The Borehole Survey Report now lists the inclination in the same system as that which is specified within the input menu.
  • (11/20/17/MIW): The Utilities | Planes | Strike & Dip Diagram (3D) menu is now displayed without errors or extra menu items
  • (11/13/17/JCJ): The Edit-As-Datasheet option now shows all of the data rows.
  • (11/13/17/JCJ):  Import of types from a Text or LogPlot keyword file once again imports the pattern definitions. Some duplicated code to parse patterns was eliminated.
  • (11/13/17/JCJ): The Foreign Key / Types Editor (for Aquifer, Bitmap, Lithology, Stratigraphy, and Well-Construction types) background grid color is no longer ignored.
  • (11/13/17/JCJ): The Pattern Comparison dialog prompt's font in no longer incremented every time it is used.
  • (11/01/17/JCJ): Duplicate borehole checking now works again.
  • (11/01/17/JCJ): Installation of local help was not being installed when the version date got out of sync.

  • (11/01/17/JCJ): Import I-Data was not importing due to the import reader reading past the end of the file.

  • (10/30/17/JCJ): The State Plane conversion now works correctly.
  • (10/23/17/JCJ): The View | Select boreholes now shows the boreholes when the data units and Model unit are different. Specifically; When there were mixed units (e.g. feet vs. meters) between input (database data) and output units (Grid and Model Dimensions, there was an issue with the Scan boreholes function to calculate the dimensions corectly. This was most notable when working with subsite dimensions. Please note: the dimensions are always shown in the Output dimension units (this was also fixed to display correctly) 
  • (10/20/17/JCJ): The Excel/Text import has been re-designed to import data within the correct sequence. Specifically, the previous version iterated over the import as it is stored in the file, which broke the importer as it needs to import in a sequence to maintain the data's relational integrity (i.e. import the Stratigraphy Types and Locations before Stratigraphy).
  • (10/09/17/JCJ): The single-table Excel and Text imports now work correctly (again).



  • (11/30/17/MIW): Changes to the Orientation Resolution will now rescan the borehole data in order to recompute the XYZ coordinates along the borehole.
  • (11/30/17/MMM): The Help menu now has a Show Log menu item within the Miscellaneous section.
  • (11/29/17/MIW): The Automatic Increment for deviated boreholes is now based on the elevation range of the project rather than the "project diagonal" (distance from maximum SW elevation to minimum NE elevation). This convention works better for horizontally large projects with shallow boreholes.
  • (11/22/17/JPR):  The Preferences | RockPlot/3D menu now displays an option labeled "Hide warning when overwriting tables."  This replaces a previous checkbox where the text was garbled (i.e. "Don't show his dialog.").  If unchecked, RockPlot3D will display an overwrite warning when appending other RockPlot3D diagrams into the current diagram.  These files may contain lithology and stratigraphy tables that are different than the current diagam.  For example, let's say that you've displayed a new 3D log diagram and append a stratigraphy model that was created before adding some new stratigraphy types.  In this case, the stratigraphy table within the old file will not include the new stratigraphy types.
  • (11/20/17/MIW): Multiple labels may now be pasted as one group into the Morph Models | Labels dialog.
  • (11/13/17/JPR): The Utilities | Solid | Polygons -> Solid program has been rewritten to work correctly. 
  • (11/13/17/JCJ): When a project uses SQL Server logins (versus a Trusted connection/OS Authentication), the login of User name and Password can be a part of the connection parameters. This is done from the Advanced button on the Connection editor (or Database Engine tab in the New Project Wizard). Uncheck "Use Trusted Connection" and the enter values for User_Name and Password in the FireDAC Connection Editor dialog. If one or both of these are left blank a Login dialog will appear when opening the database and allow the user to enter them. The values will be cached for the session so the login dialog appears only once, instead of multiple times, but not saved. The behavior change is the caching of the user name and password and suppression of multiple appearances of the login dialog.
  • (11/13/17/JCJ): The Foreign Key / Types Editor (for Aquifer, Bitmap, Lithology, Stratigraphy, and Well-Construction types) allows the user to create and show user-defined fields. Look for it in the Edit menu of the Types Editor. 
  • (11/13/17/JCJ): A memory leak in the Foreign Key / Types Editor has been plugged.
  • (11/02/17/MIW): Some typos within the Collada Export menu have been fixed.
  • (11/02/17/MIW): An option has been added to the RockPlot3D configuration for disabling the double-buffering. This addresses a rare problem with selected Intel video cards.
  • (11/02/17/MIW): An option has been added to the RockPlot3D | Collada Export for including "normals". 
  • (11/02/17/MIW): The item spacing within the Collada Export | Select menu has been fixed.
  • (11/01/17/MIW): A Collada (dae) export option has been added to the RockPlot3D program. Only one object at a time can be exported. The choices can be confusing on busy scenes so it's best to turn off items in the scene first. Some programs such as Sketchup require that the coordinates are shifted to a 0,0,0 origin and there's an option on the dialog for this. The Collada file and it's texture file are separate files and must be in the same folder but they can be moved. The texture file either contains the colors or a draped image. Here's a link to a free Collada viewer: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0ahUKEwi_nNXjqJ7XAhVkw4MKHTODAU0QFggoMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.open3mod.com%2F&usg=AOvVaw0XzczrnZV0ppVH4ypd30AR
  • (11/01/17/JCJ): Bulk Conversions from and to Easting/Northing updates the progress bar more consistently when processing large number of boreholes and allows the user to cancel the operation. Also during the bulk conversion to PLSS the messages showing the hunt for Meridian/Township/Range and Section are suppressed .
  • (10/27/17/MIW): It is now possible to select multiple items within the ReportWorks Layer List. This new capability works with the Delete Layers and Select Layer Items options.

  • (10/27/17/MIW): The ReportWorks custom scaling no longer resets the y-scale when changes are applied.

  • (10/19/17/MIW): The memory report no longer generates negative numbers.

  • (10/19/17/MIW): The memory report no longer changes to the same color as the background if the available memory drops below 25%.

  • (10/18/17/MIW): The layer information is now saved when importing DXF polylines into RockPlot2D.

  • (10/18/17/JCJ): Help is now included with the installations. Whether to use it or not, is still set in the Preferences | General Program Settings | Help System. The date of the zip file is maintained so if a newer version is included in the installation it will be un-zipped automagically (only if RW is set to use the local help). If the help is set from the web back locally the date will be checked at that time and unzipped if necessary. This solves the a paradox in which users without web access could not download the help files to use them locally.

Tom Bresnahan
RockWare Inc

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