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A customer, new to RockWorks17, saw the following error when the program first launched, as it was trying to load the Samples database:

Could not open the database.
Error loading MIDAS.DLL


This error prevented the program from launching.


This DLL is used by the RockWorks database. We install it along with the program into the RockWorks17 program directory (C:\Program Files\RockWare\RockWorks17 [64-bit version] or C:\Program Files (x86)\RockWare\RockWorks17 [32-bit]). It had been our understanding and our experience that the DLL local to the program calling it would be used. On this customer's Windows10 system, this was definitely not the case.


After he confirmed that this DLL was indeed installed in the RockWorks17 program folder, we then had him search the Windows Registry on his computer for other occurrences of "MIDAS.DLL". There were two, and they referenced file locations that did not exist on his computer or network. He ran a registry cleaner which presumably removed these orphaned references, and then RockWorks17 launched successfully. Happy ending!


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.


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