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Pat Imbrogno

Latitude Longitude Format

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I am using decimal Lat Long data with a minus sign in front of the USA longitudes which as far as my experience goes is a standard way to show it. These are Pennsylvania locations

When I create a map in Rockworks 17 and spot them on google earth they are in the Pacific Ocean so obviously the program won't recognize this format. Is it the negative Longitude or a program error?


I have several hundred wells in the project. and would like to know the specifics before playing with the data.




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Hi Pat,


first of all it would help to know whether you're creating the map in the Utilities from a Data Sheet or from the Borehole Manager.


In the Borehole Manager the Project Dimensions can either be in Local, State Plane or UTM coordinates entered in meters or feet. You can enter Longitude Latitude in the Other Coordinate Projections but you still need to convert them to the Project Coordinate system.


If you're using the Spreadsheet you need to make sure that you assign the Coordinate Columns to XY Coordinate/Decimal Degrees. You can do this by right clicking on the header line of the spreadsheet.



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