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Wellbore-Reservoir Coupled

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I developed natural state model and have conducted production prediction simulation with PetraSim.

I want to output the future production rates of 30W$YVSW]GQ${GJ`)]$PSHECH.png  years.

Actually, I'm using "Well on Deliv" function but I do not know clearly the meaning of the option of "pressure", does it mean "bottomhole pressure" as the TOUGH2 manual says?

In addition, as we know the value of bottomhole pressure is not constant, so is there any solution for wellbore-reservoir coupling in PetraSim for precisely future production rates?

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The pressure represents the flowing bottom hole pressure described by the TOUGH2 manual (introduced on page 64).  PetraSim includes a Start-up time option that is not available in the standard version of TOUGH2.  You may be able to create multiple wells that fall into the same cells that start up at different times (presumably, the pressure in the producing wells would decrease with time, so you would start up new wells with lower flowing bottom hole pressures at later times in the model).  You could also restart your model at the times where you need the pressure to change or for certain wells to be disabled (which is probably how people using the standard version of TOUGH2 handle this).

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