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Suggestion for Rockworks 17

Edward Hakanson

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I see that in Rockworks 17 2D Striplogs there is an option to plot a deviated borehole vertically.  That is great, however it plots the measured depth and not the true vertical depth.  Please make it so that the measured depth is displayed but alongside the true vertical length.  I have achieved this effect by setting the azimuth constant and viewing the borehole head on so that I only visualize the effect for borehole inclination.  This method works but would be smoother if incorporated with plot vertically in the 2D Striplog option.  I suggest that there be an option for this in the borehole sections too (they plot  wells vertically but of the measured depth so adjacent boreholes are not comparable to one another).  I know that Rockworks can do this.  Please include it in your programming language (maybe it could be done with with an RCL extension that says something like .... Inclination True, Azimuth False ... or something like that).


Best Regards,

Edward Charles Hakanson Gregory

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